"I'm thrilled to bring my expertise to the legislature to address the

critical issues facing West Valley City."



District 33 is made up of hard-working Americans who are largely working-class. Our major industries, Waste Management Services, Retail, Manufacturing, and Education, have seen economic decline due to stagnant wages and diminishing social programs even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Fatima believes West Valley City deserves a fiscally responsible government, and is dedicated to building a strong and competitive local economy in West Valley City by collaborating with our local business community.



 Public schools are the backbone of society and the key to our children’s success. We have much that needs to be improved on in our district. We have a much higher rate of individuals over the age of 25 with no high school diploma compared with the rest of the state - 27% in the district compared to the state wide 9%. We also have one of the lowest rates of percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree, only 10% compared to the states average of 20%. By investing in public education, after-school programs and post-high school education options like trade schools, we can significantly improve the quality of life in the district. Fatima is committed to work with a wide coalition of education experts to make sure we are giving our children the opportunities they deserve.


Community Health

Access to health care and mental health services is essential to community health, and the state of Utah has some of the worst reporting in the nation for the percentage of individuals experiencing affordability issues. A large proportion of the residents in District 33 fall into the category of low-income individuals who would directly benefit from increasing accessibility and affordability of health care options, like the ongoing Medicaid expansion. When elected, Fatima will fight to make sure all Utahn’s are able to see an increase in both accessibility and affordability of health care options.


Transportation & Infrastructure

Public transportation in West Valley City is in desperate need of improvement. Compared to the routes and availability on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley, UTA has significantly less routes and availability in West Valley City. This is especially important, as our residents use public transportation at a higher rate than the rest of the state. We have taken good steps forward, and when elected, Fatima will continue to advocate for a more equitable public transportation.


Women's Rights

Women continue to have disproportionate representation in both workplace leadership and in our government compared to their male counterparts here in the state of Utah. Add to that one of the worst gender pay gaps in the nation where women earn roughly 70% of what men earn on average in the state, and it is clear change is desperately needed. Fatima is committed to strengthening protections to mandate equal pay, and to fight gender discrimination by fighting for legislation to protect women from workplace discrimination.


Legislative Integrity

When votes are cast in a democracy, the Legislature should be respectful of the majority vote. In the state of Utah, we have seen three ballot initiatives voted on in 2018 altered or watered down by the Legislature; frequently substantial changes to the original bills voted on by a majority of Utahns. When elected, Fatima is committed to respecting the will of the people and will advocate for our legislators to do the same.