• Fatima Dirie

Campaign Statement on George Floyd and the National Protests

I like so many Americans have watched the death of George Floyd with horror and frustration and the protests we have seen breaking out nationwide with great distress. In difficult times like this I turn to my faith, and I think of a quote that brings me great comfort during these difficult times: "Verily, with every difficulty there is relief". We are taught that this relief is not granted unearned, but through facing the discomfort and overcoming the trials and tribulations we face. As Americans, we have the capacity to accomplish great and incredible things. I view what appears to be a widening gap of ideals and partisanship as a unique challenge to be faced together; a task that I know we can complete as one. We must come together and continue the dialogue, building bridges in words and kindness to understand the obstacles we face, to persist against those barriers together and address the systemic inequalities faced by people of color. Black lives matter, and I am full of hope and ready to work and heal together. Let's come together to confront injustice and racism. LETS fight for what is right which is CHANGE!!

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