• Fatima Dirie

Legislative Integrity

Representing their constituency is the primary goal of every legislator on the hill. It’s their duty to make sure the voices of their neighbors are represented in the Capitol Building, and this is not a responsibility I will take lightly. From the changes we saw to the ballot initiatives that were voted on in 2018 to the recent proposed tax increase on food, I have been concerned with legislators are not voting on behalf of their constituents. This is not to say there should not be some input from legislators and experts, for example Proposition 2 lacked the logistical elements of how we would administer medical marijuana and Proposition 4 created an independent redistricting commission that gave appointment power to the governor and legislative officials, officials that might be interested in circumventing the bipartisan process the very commission was established for. But these problems were met with changing significant details of the propositions, like the bill passed that repealed and replaced Proposition 3. This was a 53/46 vote as a ballot initiative.

I believe that those who vote on the most important issues facing our state, issues like education, healthcare, and the economy, should be able to defend the votes they make. Our constituents should expect a leader who holds themselves accountable, and before every vote remembers who they represent. When elected, I will vote in a manner where I can willfully explain and stand behind every decision I make.

Utah is one of 11 states that have no restrictions on legislative alterations, which means the legislature can amend or repeal initiated state statutes with a simple majority vote at any time. I believe that means it is our responsibility to really embrace the ideals of integrity. Don’t you think West Valley City deserves a representative you can look in the eyes and know they voted in your interest? I do, and that is why I am asking for your support.

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